Aaliya Siddiqui Accused Nawazuddin Siddiqui of Evicting Her and their Children from Their Home

Aaliya Siddiqui, accused him of ejecting her and their kids from their home a week after she said he tried to kidnap their kids.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, a Bollywood star, is currently the subject of accusations that have terrified the nation.

Aaliya Siddiqui Let Out Video

Once Aaliya Siddiqui published a video showing her and her children stranded on the road, the tragic episode came to light.
She claimed that Siddiqui forcibly took out them of his bungalow and fended off them from getting inside the home. She expressed her distress at not having a place to stay and having only INR81 in her possession.

The Reality of Siddiqui’s Actions

Aaliya Siddiqui and Nawazuddin Siddiqui

According to Aaliya Siddiqui, she and her children spent 40 days in Siddiqui’s house before she was urgently called to the Versova police station. Upon returning with her children, she found that Siddiqui had stationed guards to prevent them from entering the house. Aaliya and her kids were left stranded on the highway, and her daughter was in tears and in shock that her own father could harm them. A relative eventually provided them with shelter in a small one-room house.

Aaliya Siddiqui shared three videos that expose the true nature of Siddiqui’s actions. She accused his PR agency of spreading false and deceitful information in the media and suggested that he needs a better PR agency with more logical plans. Despite everything, Aaliya remains undaunted and confident that justice will be served.

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The Extent of Children’s Suffering

Aaliya expressed her disbelief and sadness at how Siddiqui could treat their children in such a callous manner. She stated that she could never forgive him for the pain he has caused. She wanted to uncover the extent of her children’s suffering, even in the late hours of the night. With nowhere to go, she and her children were helpless on the streets. As she conveyed her uncertainty about where to send her children at such an hour, Aaliya’s distress was clear.

Legal Battle

Aaliya Siddiqui still married to her first husband

The assertions against Siddiqui have sparked a legal battle between the couple. Last month, Aaliya’s lawyer alleged that the actor and his family had impoverished her of basic necessities such as food and access to a bathroom. Aaliya and her first husband, Vinay Bhargav, were still lawfully wed, according to Siddiqui’s attorney in response. To read more click here.


Questions regarding Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s personality and behavior have been raised in light of recent claims against him. His wife’s allegations of eviction and abduction attempts have shocked the nation. Aaliya’s resolution to expose the truth and seek justice for herself and her children is commendable.
The course of the court dispute and the couple’s and their children’s future are still uncertain.

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