Aima Baig Sues News Platform for Falsely Reporting She Had a Crush on Her Brother

Aima Baig, the Popular Pakistani singer, has filed a lawsuit against a local media outlet for falsely reporting that she had a crush on her elder brother. The Baazi crooner took to social media to share a copy of the court notice, demanding a public apology within 48 hours and Rs100 million in damages.

Aima Baig Castigated Negative Journalism

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Baig has condemned the “shameless yellow journalism” and urged her industry colleagues to stand against fake reporting. She stated that it was high time for people to take a stand against such malicious and defamatory news stories that are only published for the sake of comments and likes.

Legal Warning

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Netizens have been calling out Aima after a local media outlet shared a report stating she had a crush on her brother

The legal notice shared by the singer has accused the digital media outlet of attributing an untrue, false, and scandalous statement to her and spreading fake news. The document further elaborated that the media outlet purposely lied to the public with the malicious intention to defame Baig.

Demanded Unconditional Apology

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The notice also highlighted that the media outlet had misused the content of her interview, distorted it, and picked it out of context to tarnish her reputation and fame. Aima Baig vehemently denied making any statement of the sort and demanded an unconditional and written apology from the publication.

Demanded Publication Be Removed

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The defamation suit also demanded that the publication delete the untrue news report from all their social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and publish the apology on the same platforms. To read more click here.

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In Conclusion

Aima Baig sues local news outlet for Rs100 million in light of false reporting

Aima Baig’s decision to sue the news platform is a clear message to media outlets to be responsible and accountable for their reporting. It is essential to verify facts and sources before publishing any news story to avoid defaming and causing harm to someone’s reputation. Baig’s lawsuit is a reminder that fake reporting can have serious legal consequences, and media outlets must take responsibility for their actions.

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