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Arshad Sharif Shot Dead



Arshad Sharif Senior Journalist Shot Dead In Kenya

Arshad Sharif a well-known senior journalist was shot dead in Nairobi Kenya yesterday, his wife confirmed. She twitted on her Twitter handle that her husband Arshad Sharif shot dead in Kenya, the senior journalist after facing the charge of sedition left the country. He was in exile. Kenyan police call it an accident, however, president Alvi, expressed Arshad Sharif’s death as a significant loss to Pakistan and journalism. President Alvi, the media fraternity, and civil society have demanded a thorough investigation and revelation of facts. Meanwhile, Islamabad High Court seeks a report from the authorities concerned.

Further, Washington allured Kenya to investigate. We are shocked by the death of Arshad Sharif. We would hearten a thorough investigation by the government of Kenya into his death.

Likewise, United Nations asked for a proper investigation into the matter, under what circumstances the accident happened, and why the senior journalist was shot and killed in Kenya.

Senior Journalist Arshad Sharif Shot Dead

Arshad Sharif who was outspoken and considered a brave journalist had to leave the country in August to avoid arrest after he was hit with numerous cases, including the charge of sedition.

Alleging warnings to his life Arshad Sharif went to Dubai, then departed to Kenya, Arshad Sharif the 49 years old journalist was on the way when he was killed. The Kenyan president assured all-out help.

Barrister Shoaib Razak, Arshad’s lawyer has filed an application with the High Court seeking the formation of a judicial commission to find out the facts which lead to his killing. Why he had to leave Pakistan his country and who forced him to leave the United Arab Emirates?

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Zia Mohyeddin Death: A Tribute to a Legendary Icon




The world of art has lost a giant. Zia Mohyeddin, a legendary thespian, passed away in Karachi at the age of 92. The artist lays to rest in Karachi’s DHA. Mourners, including politicians, celebrities, journalists, and activists, gathered to pay their respects.

The Legacy of Zia Mohyeddin

Zia Mohyeddin with a lovely pic

Zia Mohyeddin is known as a legend in his lifetime. Trained in dramatic arts in the United Kingdom, he not only performed in a variety of stage roles, but also acted in foreign films such as David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia” both in Pakistan and abroad. After coming to Pakistan, he further promoted the performing arts in various capacities. Additionally, he founded the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa), where he trained a large number of actors, singers, and instrumentalists.

His contributions to the performing arts are numerous. Known for his excellent compering, broadcasting, poetry, and prose recitation, he also excelled as an acting and theatre director. Moreover, he mentored hundreds of students who are now working in different fields of TV production and acting. After coming to Pakistan, Mohyeddin was elevated to the position of president emeritus of Napa last year and received the Hilal-i-Imtiaz for art in 2012.

The Career of Zia Mohyeddin

Zia Mohyeddin in a deep thought

Born in Faisalabad on June 20, 1931, Zia Mohyeddin graduated from Government College, Lahore, and later studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Upon his return to Pakistan, he produced, directed, and acted in numerous plays. Additionally, he starred in “Lawrence of Arabia” with director David Lean in 1962, “Behold the Pale Horse” with filmmaker Fred Zinnemann in 1964 and later in “Immaculate Conception” in 1992 with director Jamil Dehlavi.

In 1970, he presented the now legendary Zia Mohyeddin Show on PTV. Later, he accepted the post of director at the PIA Arts Academy. Furthermore, he is the author of three novels, including “The God of My Idolatry: Memories and Reflections,” “Theatrics,” and “A Carrot is a Carrot.”

Tributes Pour In

Zia Mohyeddin with wife and daughter

As soon as news of Mohyeddin’s passing spread. Politicians, celebrities, journalists, activists, and others across Pakistan expressed their grief, calling it the end of an era. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif praised Mohyeddin’s role. And introducing a new dimension to television hosting in Pakistan and training budding artists. Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb. Referred to Mohyeddin as a literary figure whose style of reading and speaking gained worldwide fame.

In a press statement issued by Napa. Jawaid Iqbal, the chairman of the board of directors, referred to Mohyeddin as a brilliant teacher. Who mentored and trained numerous students of theatre. He also extended his condolences to Mohyeddin’s wife and children. On behalf of the Board, CEO, and the entire Napa fraternity. Read more about Zia Mohyeddin


Zia Mohyeddin was not just a thespian, but a literary icon. His contributions to the performing arts will always remember, and his voice will continue to resonate in our minds. The world of art has lost a giant. But his legacy will live on through the countless students he mentored and the art he created.

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Rakhi Sawant Husband Facing Rape and Blackmailing Allegations




Furthermore, Bollywood actor Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Durrani is in hot water once again as a new case has filed against him in Mysuru, India by an Iranian student. The student has accused Durrani of rape, cheating, threatening, and blackmail.

VV Puram Police Station in Mysuru Registers Case Against Rakhi Sawant Husband

The FIR (First Information Report) files at the VV Puram police station in Mysuru, where the alleged crimes took place. The Iranian student had come to Mysuru to study Doctor of Pharmacy. She had been in a relationship with Durrani for the past five years.

The promise of Marriage Leads to Alleged Rape

According to the police, Durrani promised to marry the student and developed physical contact with her, believing that they would marry her. Moreover, Durrani refused to follow through with the marriage for the last five months, causing the student to file a complaint.

Accusations of Blackmail and Threatening Behaviour

However, the student also accused Durrani of blackmailing her. He threatened to share private photos of their relationship on social media if she did not comply with his demands. This marks the second case that Rakhi Sawant’s husband Durrani will have to face. Additionally, he previously arrests after Rakhi Sawant filed an FIR against him for alleged mismanagement of her funds and domestic violence.

Rakhi Sawant Confirms Marriage to Adil Durrani

Earlier, Rakhi Sawant confirmed her marriage to Adil Durrani last month through a post on her Instagram account. The marriage certificate shows that the wedding took place on May 29, 2022. Read more about Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Durrani.

Police File FIR under IPC Sections 406, 420, 498 (A), and 377

The police have filed the FIR under IPC (Indian Penal Code). Sections 406, 420, 498 (A), and 377, which pertain to rape, cheating, cruelty, and unnatural offenses, respectively.

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Adil Durrani is facing serious allegations of rape, cheating, threatening, and blackmail by an Iranian student in Mysuru, India. The VV Puram police station has registered a case against him and is investigating the matter. Eventually, this marks the second case that Durrani will have to face, as well as he was previously arrested after Rakhi Sawant filed an FIR against him for alleged mismanagement of her funds and domestic violence.

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Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi Face Backlash in Karachi Shooting Incident




Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi. The two well-known celebrities involve in a recent shooting incident in Karachi, a busy metropolis in Pakistan. The incident, which happened on Karachi’s streets, has received a lot of media and public attention.

Residents of the neighbourhood reportedly objected to the celebrities filming a scene on their street. Which resulted in an argument and ultimately a shooting. The event has prompted a contentious discussion about how celebrity culture affects regional communities.

Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi were filming when the shooting occurred.

Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi were filming a scene for a future project. When the event happened on a popular Karachi street. Residents of the neighbourhood who were unaware of the shooting not please with the ruckus. And the significant crew presence, which caused a disruption.

The inhabitants and the staff members got into a heated fight over this, and it turned physical. When shots finally fire, it resulted in confusion and terror.

The Consequences

The episode has received a lot of media and public attention. Many people have expressed worry about how celebrity culture is affecting local communities. Residents and the general public are criticising the superstars Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi. They and demanding more transparency from them and the entertainment business.

Celebrity Culture’s Effect on Local Communities

The incident has brought up significant issues regarding the influence of celebrity culture on regional communities. Celebrities frequently cause disruption and disturbance in local areas. Due to their popularity and fortune, with little consideration for how their actions affect the lives of regular people.

The shooting incident in this instance has made it clear. That local communities want more consideration and respect from public figures in the entertainment sector. Celebrities must be aware of how vital it is to interact with local communities. And take care not to negatively affect the lives of common people.

Moving forward

It is crucial that the entertainment sector and famous people accept responsibility for their conduct. And think about the effects they have on regional communities as the tragedy continues to discuss. The entertainment industry needs to operate more responsibly and sensitively going forward. It is imperative that celebrities seek to foster a more positive and respectful relationship with local communities. Read more about the incident


Finally, the latest shooting event involving Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi has highlighted. The negative effects of celebrity culture on local neighbourhoods. It is imperative that public figures and those in the entertainment business accept accountability for their deeds. They endeavour to improve their interactions with local communities.

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