Indian Poet Javed Akhtar statement that the 26/11 attackers are “still roaming free” went viral.

Indian Poet Javed Akhtar recent comments about the 26/11 attackers “roaming free” in Pakistan. The resentment in Indians’ hearts has gone viral on social media. During a conversation at a festival in Lahore honoring the late Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Akhtar discussed reducing tension between the two nations and claimed that Pakistan couldn’t hold India responsible for its irate citizens.

Indian Poet Javed Akhtar Visitid Pakistan

Indian Poet Javed Akhtar said, Attackers roaming free in Pakistan

Akhtar’s visit to Pakistan has created quite a stir on social media. During the festival in Lahore. A spectator asked him whether he explained to Indians that Pakistanis were “lovely people who aren’t just bombing us. But also welcoming us with flowers and love. When you return home?” Javed Akhtar said in his reply that while no one should take the onus, there should be some respect amid serious situations. He mentioned that the 26/11 attackers did not originate in Egypt or Norway. They still allow to travel in Pakistan. Hence, Pakistan cannot complain if the Hindustani (Indian) gets angry.

Indian Poet Javed Akhtar Expression of Sorrow

Indian Poet Javed Akhtar attended Second day Faiz Festival

Akhtar also expressed his sorrow that Pakistan had not welcomed Indian artists. In the same way that India had done Pakistani “Faiz Sahab regard as a very important visitor when he came,” It was transmitted globally. Mehdi Hasan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan came to our big events. Never did you (Pakistan) host an event in honor of Lata Mangeshkar?” The listeners applauded and wished the poet well as he continued.

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The Response to Indian Poet Javed Akhtar Remarks

We wanted to reduce the tension between India and Pakistan

Javed Akhtar’s remarks about reducing tension between India and Pakistan have received a lot of attention and acclaim. Many people have praised his “surgical attack” in Pakistan. Actor Kangana Ranaut was one of those who applauded Akhtar for his comments in Pakistan. Wanted to read more, click here.


Javed Akhtar’s statement about the 26/11 attackers being “still roaming free” has gone viral and sparked a conversation about reducing tension between India and Pakistan. The poet’s visit to Pakistan and his expression of sorrow about the treatment of Indian artists have highlighted the need for better relations between the two nations. It remains to see how the conversation will progress, but Javed Akhtar’s remarks have undoubtedly initiated an important dialogue.

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