Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting at Oscar Award 2023

Jimmy Kimmel has been known for his comedic talent and his ability to make people laugh. However, at the Oscars 2023, he may have taken his jokes a bit too far. During the event, Kimmel mocked and mispronounced the names of some of the celebrities in attendance, leaving many feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Jokes

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The event was supposed to be a celebration of the best in film, but Kimmel’s jokes seemed to overshadow the actual awards. Many people took to social media to express their disapproval of Kimmel’s behavior, and it quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

Jimmy Kimmel Mispronounced Some Name

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One of the celebrities who was targeted by Kimmel was the renowned actor, Robert De Niro. Kimmel mispronounced his name and made a joke about his age, which many felt was disrespectful. Another celebrity who was ridiculed by Kimmel was the singer, Beyonce. Kimmel referred to her as “Bouncy” and made a joke about her appearance, which many found offensive.

Kimmel’s Behaviour

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While Kimmel may have thought his jokes were harmless, the reality is that his behavior was hurtful to those he targeted. Pronouncing someone’s name improperly can be seen as disrespect to someone. Additionally, making jokes about someone’s appearance or age is never acceptable.

Respect and Decency are Mandatory

As a society, we should strive to treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless of their status or profession. Celebrities are human beings too, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Net Worth

jimmy kimmel net worth

Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth refers to the estimated financial value of the American comedian, talk show host, and television producer, Jimmy Kimmel. As of 2021, Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a late-night talk show, is where Kimmel is most recognized for his hosting since 2003, and it has been broadcast on ABC.

In addition to his hosting duties, Kimmel has also served as an executive producer on several television shows, including “Crank Yankers” and “The Man Show”. Kimmel has earned a significant portion of his wealth through his successful career in television, as well as through endorsements and other business ventures. To read more click here.


In conclusion, Jimmy Kimmel’s behavior at the Oscars 2023 was inappropriate and hurtful. It is important for us to remember that our words and actions have consequences, and we should always strive to be kind and respectful to others.

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