King Charles Asks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Leave Frogmore Cottage for Good, Signaling an End to Their Relationship with the Royal Family

King Charles has reportedly asked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to vacate Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, a sign that their relationship with the Royal Family has reached a new low. The decision comes after Harry’s tell-all account, additional, was published, in which he made harsh remarks about the organization and its members. Their approach has “startled” Harry and Meghan, who are now required to locate an alternate location to live in the UK.

The Final Decision of King Charles

Final Decision of King Charles

The future of Frogmore Cottage has been a topic of discussion for some time, but the King made the final decision after Harry’s memoir was published. The King was far from pleased with Harry’s unflattering take on the Royal Family, and this move indicates that relations between the pair have deteriorated significantly.

The Fallout

Harry and Meghan have been left without an enduring base in the UK, and the decision to ask them to leave their home for good suggests that King Charles is constructively telling his son that he’s no longer welcome home. As a result of the couple’s contentious moves, notably their choice to relocate to the US after retiring as senior royals, Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the Royal Family has been strained as of late.

Prince Harry not attending Charles' coronation after eviction row

The Significance

Frogmore Cottage has been described as “the only place left that’s safe” for Harry and Meghan and their children to reside in the UK. This move has left them stunned and without a safe haven in the country. It also suggests that their relationship with the Royal Family is over, as King Charles is taking away Harry’s only safe place in the UK.

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The Fallout

Harry and Meghan will have to find another place to stay if they return for holidays or landmark royal events. They may ask to stay with Princess Eugenie or Princess Beatrice, Harry’s cousins with whom they have remained close. However, given their obsession with privacy, booking a plush London hotel is unlikely.

The Timeline

The couple has just a few weeks to vacate Frogmore Cottage, with sources indicating that they are expected to have cleared it by early summer. The Crowning would be the perfect time for the couple to get their relationship in order. King Charles wants Harry to attend the historic event in May, but the Frogmore decision suggests that reconciliation isn’t at the forefront of his mind. To read more click here.

The Takeaway

At the core of the eviction is a father who is incensed about his son’s relentless criticism of the organization he manages and personal blows on members of his own family. This move indicates that relations are worse than anyone thought, and it seems unlikely that Harry and Meghan will be rushing back to the UK anytime soon. Without a permanent base in the UK, they may choose to stay in the US for all time.

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