Zia Mohyeddin Death: A Tribute to a Legendary Icon

Zia Mohyeddin

The world of art has lost a giant. Zia Mohyeddin, a legendary thespian, passed away in Karachi at the age of 92. The artist lays to rest in Karachi’s DHA. Mourners, including politicians, celebrities, journalists, and activists, gathered to pay their respects. The Legacy of Zia Mohyeddin Zia Mohyeddin is known as a legend in … Read more

Rakhi Sawant Husband Facing Rape and Blackmailing Allegations

Rakhi Sawant Husband

Furthermore, Bollywood actor Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Durrani is in hot water once again as a new case has filed against him in Mysuru, India by an Iranian student. The student has accused Durrani of rape, cheating, threatening, and blackmail. VV Puram Police Station in Mysuru Registers Case Against Rakhi Sawant Husband The FIR (First … Read more

Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi Face Backlash in Karachi Shooting Incident

Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi

Hira Mani and Nabeel Qureshi. The two well-known celebrities involve in a recent shooting incident in Karachi, a busy metropolis in Pakistan. The incident, which happened on Karachi’s streets, has received a lot of media and public attention. Residents of the neighbourhood reportedly objected to the celebrities filming a scene on their street. Which resulted … Read more

Pakistan celebrates Kashmir Solidarity Day with the slogan “Kashmiris’ Will Unbreakable”

Kashmir Solidarity Day

Today (Sunday), Pakistan is commemorating Kashmir Solidarity Day with a renewed commitment to supporting the legitimate fight of Kashmiris for their unalienable right to self-determination as outlined in the pertinent United Nations Security Council resolutions (UNSC). Everywhere across the nation, today is observed as Kashmir Solidarity Day. Pakistan is a country rich in culture and … Read more


Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has resigned from the party‚Äôs office, citing reliable sources, he had some serious differences with the top leadership of PML-N Reasons Behind the Resignation of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who is among the top leaders of the PML-N party and had been charged with the office of prime minister after … Read more

Army huddle promised to put those responsible for the Peshawar suicide bombing to “exemplary punishment.

Army huddle

The army huddle has made it clear that they will employ all available means to apprehend the offenders. This involves cooperating with the local police and government to guarantee that those guilty are brought to justice, leveraging all intelligence agencies, and utilizing the military’s experience in locating terrorists. The army huddle has banded together The … Read more

Babar Ghauri: The Controversial MQM Leader

Babar Ghauri

Babar Ghauri, a former federal minister, and a well-known MQM leader has lately landed in Karachi, Pakistan, and has since grabbed headlines once more. His visit has triggered a flurry of responses and discussions among both political elites and regular citizens. A career in Politics of Babar Ghauri Babar Ghauri first joined the Pakistan Peoples … Read more

Peshawar Pakistan, 96 people were killed and more than 150 injured in a suicide bombing at a mosque.

Peshawar Pakistan

The most recent mosque bombing in Peshawar Pakistan startled the entire globe and had a terrible effect on the victims’ families and the neighbourhood as a whole. During Friday services, on January 27, a suicide bomber struck a mosque, killing 96 people and injuring over 150 more. Leaders from all around the world have expressed … Read more

Self-murder blast, At least 35 martyred, over 150 injured, in Peshawar Masjid

Self-murder blast

Following a self-murder blast, part of the Masjid roof and wall structure collapsed, and crippled survivors were limping down from the ruin. At least 35 people hugged martyrdom, while over 150 people were injured in a self-murder attack inside a Masjid in Peshawar’s police lines area on Monday. Self-murder blast occurred inside Masjid The explosion … Read more

By-elections: Imran Khan will run in all 33 NA Seats.


Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared his intention to run in by-elections for all 33 National Assembly seats. Many political watchers are surprised by this because it is unusual for a former prime minister to run in by-elections. Information about the By-Elections 33 National Assembly seats became vacant for a variety of causes, … Read more