Prince Harry’s “Self-Sabotaging” Relationship with William: Will He Be Exiled from the Royal Family?

That according to rumors, Prince Harry is on the precipice of being ousted from the Royal Family, it believes that his relationship with his brother, Prince William, has sunk so low. Prince Harry is “self-sabotaging” his connection with his brother, according to Lady Victoria Hervey, Prince Andrew’s former fiancée, who also claims that Harry wants to “wallow in victimhood.

Prince Harry’s Relationship With His Brother

The release of Prince Harry's memoirs will permanently sever his brother's connection.

Lady Victoria has compared the siblings’ relationship to that of Cain and Abel and suggested that Harry is only “one or two steps away” from being exiled. She continued by claiming that Harry frequently plays the victim, going as far as he can to indulge in victimhood.

The breach between the brothers has been widely documented since the publishing of Harry’s book, Spare, in which he alleged that Prince William physically attacked him. The collapse of his familial bonds and being the “spare to the heir” were other issues that Harry expressed his annoyance about.

According to lady Victoria

In the meantime, Lady Victoria asserted that Prince William, not King Charles, was responsible for Prince Andrew’s “eviction” from the Royal Lodge. She stated that William wanted the big house, and Andrew had been in the Royal Lodge for 20 years, making it sentimental for him.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s cutest brother photos through the years

In a recent interview, Prince Harry seemingly revealed his future plan for his connection with the royal family. The Duke of Sussex explained that he has always felt different from the rest of his family and felt strange being in the royal container. He also claimed that his wife, Meghan, saved him from being stuck in that world.

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Duke won’t see the family again.

Royal fans and commentators have begun to speculate that the Duke will not return to the family, as he never felt happy there and felt “different” and isolated. This comes amid King Charles III’s latest olive branch to his son, as the monarch has officially invited Meghan and Harry to his and the Queen Consort’s coronation this spring.

Despite a spokesman for the couple claiming that they had received “electronic correspondence” regarding the coronation, it is unknown whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will accept the offer. However, it’s being claimed that they will not appear in any royal processions or on the balcony of Buckingham Palace alongside other working royals if they do end up attending the coronation in May. To read more click here.


In closing, it is questionable why Prince Harry will relate with the Royal Family in the future. With reports of a strained relationship with his brother and a potential exile looming, it seems that the Duke of Sussex is at a crossroads in his life. Whether he will return to the royal container or carve out a new path for himself remains to be seen.

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