Ranbir Kapoor Hopes Daughter Raha Inherits Alia Bhatt’s Looks, But Not Her Personality

Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been in the limelight ever since they announced the arrival of their daughter, Raha. In a recent interview with GOODTiMES, Kapoor opened up about his hopes for their newborn daughter.

Ranbir’s Desires for Raha’s Appearance

Ranbir Kapoor reveals who his daughter Raha looks like more

The actor revealed that he hopes their daughter takes after Alia’s looks, stating that “she’ll be a nicer-looking person if she looks like her.” However, he also expressed his desire for Raha to inherit his personality rather than Alia’s. According to Ranbir Kapoor, having two girls with Alia’s vivacious and boisterous personality at home would be a daunting task for him. He wishes for Raha to be quieter and more demure, like himself, so they can both handle Alia’s lively persona.

Balancing Work and Parenting

Ranbir Kapoor says, ‘mujhe beti hi chahiye’ while preggers Alia Bhatt wants ‘two boys’

Despite being new parents and managing hectic filming schedules, Ranbir Kapoor and Bhatt have found a way to balance their professional and personal lives. Kapoor shared that Alia is at the peak of her career and remains ambitious about acting even after the arrival of Raha. The couple has been making proper schedules and balancing their lives around them. They are also privileged enough to afford help, which plays a significant role in their ability to juggle parenting and work.

Kapoor’s Thoughts on Fatherhood

Ranbir Kapoor shares the first picture of his daughter

Kapoor also shared his thoughts on becoming a father for the first time. He described it as an indescribable feeling of love that he never knew could exist. Despite having found love, getting married, and being surrounded by friends and family, Kapoor admitted that he never knew life could offer him more until he became a father. To read more click here.

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In conclusion, Kapoor’s recent interview sheds light on his hopes for his daughter’s appearance and personality, as well as his experiences with balancing work and parenting. The couple’s ability to manage their hectic schedules and prioritize their family is a testament to their commitment to each other and their daughter. Kapoor’s heartfelt statement on fatherhood shows that he is embracing this new chapter in his life with open arms.

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