Rawal Institute Of Health Sciences

Rawal Institute of health sciences is providing the best healthcare services and quality medical education. This institute was set up in 2011, as per the rules and regulations of the Pakistan Medical Dental Council (PM&DC).
There are many departments appended to it, like Rawal General Dental Hospital, Rawal College of Pharmacy, Rawal Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Rawal College of Medicine, Rawal College of Nursing, and Rawal College of Dentistry.
The RIHS has plenty of provisions for former students to employ them.

The RIHS has a large group of students moving from across the country to learn at this institute. Presently the institute is processing to receive online applications for the session of 2022-2023. The students who belong abroad are also applying for admission, they are cheered to take part in it.

The rawal institute of health sciences is serving the best class studying domain. There are numerous facilities available for learning from fully equipped laboratories, and libraries. The students can make use of Hygenic cafeterias, auditoriums, and hostels for staying as well. The activities of student unions are open across the term.

Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, Affiliation & Recognition

The institute has an affiliation and is recognized by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), the inheritor of the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, since 2020. The Institute is affiliated with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU) Islamabad for MBBS, BDS, and Postgraduate programs, since 9th September 2015. The Institute has got certified, as an International Standardization Organization (ISO) 9001: 2015. The Institute has also got recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council. The Institute is also recognized by the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) for its post-graduate program.

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In December 2011 the first inspection of The institute was held by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC). After getting a successful inspection (RIHS) got registered with PM&DC under registration number, PF-1-E-2011(Coun).

Rawal Institute Of Health Sciences’ Vision

The vision of RIHS is to boost up the academic process and place the institute up to a high level to recognize the institution internationally. Quality of teaching, research, and furnishing foremost healthcare services. The institute is striving to be a world figurehead in the education field. In inclusion, the RIHS visualizes laying out inventive medical teaching programs and clinical distinction to upgrade the well-being and wellness of all.

Rawal Medical And Dental Hospital

Rawal Medical And Dental Hospital provides several kinds of services with modern treatment of dental issues. Orthodontia is a vital medical treatment department, where dentists diagnose dental ailments and act toward the diseases. The doctors of this institution are recognized nationally and internationally. The dentists of the institute serve the best treatment with respect and professionalism, because the Rawal medical and dental hospital is equipped with the latest technology, and it offers the latest treatment with international standards.

All dental diseases are treated in this institution, some of the top ones are teeth filing, teeth whitening, dental bridges, ceramic and metal braces, extraction of teeth, dentures, dental implants, etc. All dental diseases are treated with extreme satisfaction. Good treatment and health are essential to us. When our teeth are healthy, we will be better physically. We should take full care of our teeth.

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Rawal college of nursing admission 2022

For the candidates who are interested to get the admission in Rawal College Of Nursing Islamabad, RCN, 2022-2023 program, their online applications must be submitted before November 30, 2022.

RIHS’ Mission

The RIHS mission is to make top-class medical professionals who should have the comprehension and skill to deliver all approaches to health protection.
To keep up a prime role in the medical field and to provide the best medical services of international standard.
Key Values

To encourage a culture of equity and diversity.
Making accountability and good behavior.
Secure association and teamwork.
Advancing the development from trainee to executive.
Advancement of research, education, and patient care.

Note: All the students who have got the degrees, can get equivalence certificates through the online portal at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

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